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Null point accepts content from anyone about everything; the only rules are that it is created by you and that it can be printed. ( For terms and conditions see the manifesto )

This includes but is not limited to:

As long as it is a honest form of expression there is a place for it within Null Point. We have Twenty Two pages and from submissions we pick and choose what to place between those paper sheets.

To submit a piece simply fill out the form below and link us to your submission (host it where you like, Imgur/ GoogleDrive/ Wetransfer; any where we can get at it, written pieces can be put in the subject box if they fit).

Null Point is all about anonymous creations and producing a form of expression so though your name is along with your work when you submit your name will not be published ( we use it to tell you if it made it in, there is no mailing list, online post or blog for this though we will mail you a copy if you request one to see your work) We make no money from this publication it actually costs us to produce it but do it as expression is important to us.

Rules to remember:

  1. We print A6 so it should fit that sizing ( Images scaled to it are appreciated and written work should only take a max of four pages. (( We will consider longer but space is rare per issue)))
  2. We print black and white

Have fun creating and remember this is not about you, this is about your idea.

Submit via the form below or at